Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Who Won The Veto In Week 6

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother Season 24 live feeds as of Sunday, August 14th. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother 24 honestly feels scripted at this point, with all the wild events taking place. After spending the first half of the game at the bottom of the house, Taylor Hale is finally the Head of Household and, as cool as that is, she’s had trouble clearly defining her targets this week. Taylor initially targeted Indy Santos and Terrance Higgins for eviction but, with other plans in motion, it’s looking like she’d like the chance to backdoor a Houseguest. 

Taylor would need the veto to be used in order for that to happen, so it’d be to her benefit to have someone who’s willing to use it this week. CinemaBlend is tracking the events of Big Brother 24 using the live feeds (which can be streamed with a Paramount+ subscription), and we know who won this veto. Additionally, we have some ideas about what may happen, if it gets used, and who might see the block should that happen. Let’s get into all that and break down what could be a really exciting week ahead.

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Kyle Won The Power Of Veto 

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